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Hanuma Prasad, M.

  • Origin of Grunerite Schist-Hosted Magnesite Mineralization in Copper Mountain Area, Sandur Schist Belt, Karnataka

  • Geochemistry of the Phyllites of the Copper Mountain Region, Sandur Schist Belt, Karnataka

  • P-T Conditions of Metamorphism of Supracrustal Rocks in the Sandur Schist Belt, Dharwar Craton, Southern India

  • Geochemistry of Archaean Bimodal Volcanic Rocks of the Sandur Supracrustal Belt, Dharwar Craton, Southern India

  • Gold Mineralization in the Mahakoshal Greenstone Belt, Central India: A Preliminary Study

  • Features and Genesis of Vein-Type Magnesite Deposit in the Doddakanya Area of Karnataka, India

  • Metavolcanic and Metasedimentary Inclusions in the Bundelkhand Granitic Complex in Tikamgarh District, Madhya Pradesh

  • Granulite Facies BIF from the Betul Supracrustal Belt, Central India

  • Ductile Shearing and Syntectonic Granite Emplacement along the Southern Margin of the Palaeoproterozoic Mahakoshal Supracrustal Belt: Evidence from Singrauli Area, Madhya Pradesh