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Basavalingu, B.

  • Hydrothermal Synthesis of Nanosized Crystals of Diamond Under Sub-Natural Conditions

  • Metamorphic History of Calc-Silicate Lithologies from the Kambam Valley, Tamil Nadu and its bearing on the Evolution of the Southern Granulite Terrain

  • Thermodynamic Data for Dolomite and Kutnahorite from the Experimental Decarbonation Curves

  • P-T Conditions of Metamorphism and Fluid Inclusion Characteristics of the Coorg Granulites, Karnataka

  • Garnet-Kyanite Bearing Pelitic and Associated Mafic Granulites along Jalsoor-Mercara Shear Zone: Evidence for Deep Burial and Later Uplift

  • P-T Conditions of Pelitic Granulites and Associated Charnockites of Chinwali Area, West of Delhi Fold Belt, Rajasthan

  • P-T Conditions of Metamorphism of Supracrustal Rocks in the Sandur Schist Belt, Dharwar Craton, Southern India

  • Hydrothermal Synthesis of Diamond

  • Prismatine and Sapphirine Bearing Assemblages from Rajapalaiyam Area, Tamil Nadu: Origin and Metamorphic History

  • Comparative Study on the Photodegradation of Indigo Caramine Dye Using Commercial TiO2 and Natural Rutile