Journal of Biomarkers

Journal of Biomarkers

Publisher: Hindawi Limited
Editor: Dr. Riyad Bendardaf
Online ISSN: 2090-7699, Print ISSN: 2090-8660
Frequency: Annual


Journal of Biomarkers is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes original research articles, review articles, and clinical studies in all areas of biomarkers.

Table of Contents

Vol 2015 (2015)

Research Article

In Search of Biomarkers for Idiopathic Scoliosis:Leptin and BMP4 Functional Polymorphisms
Svetla Nikolova, Vasil Yablanski, Evgeni Vlaev, Gergana Getova, Ventseslav Atanasov, Luben Stokov, Alexey Slavkov Savov, Ivo Marinov Kremensky
 Vol 2015 (2015), Pagination: 1-5
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Biomarkers for Detection and Monitoring of B16 Melanoma in Mouse Urine and Feces
Aviv Sever, Amir Abd elkadir, Yosef Matana, Jacob Gopas, Yehuda Zeiri
 Vol 2015 (2015), Pagination: 1-9
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Association of Plasma Heat Shock Protein 70, Interleukin 6, and Creatine Kinase Concentrations in a Healthy, Young Adult Population
Carmen Contreras-Sesvold, Bradley D. Revenis, Francis G. O’Connor, Patricia A. Deuster
 Vol 2015 (2015), Pagination: 1-8
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Review Article

Role of Biomarkers in Diagnosis and Prognostic Evaluation of Acute Pancreatitis
Susanta Meher, Tushar Subhadarshan Mishra, Prakash Kumar Sasmal, Satyajit Rath, Rakesh Sharma, Bikram Rout, Manoj Kumar Sahu
 Vol 2015 (2015), Pagination: 1-13
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Current Challenges in Volatile Organic Compounds Analysis as Potential Biomarkers of Cancer
Kamila Schmidt, Ian Podmore
 Vol 2015 (2015), Pagination: 1-16
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