Journal of the Association of Engineers, India

Journal of the Association of Engineers, India

Publisher: The Association of Engineers, India
Editor: Dr. Santanu Das
Online ISSN: Applied, Print ISSN: 0368-1106
Frequency: Quarterly


Journal of the Association of Engineers, India is a prestigious journal published by The Association of Engineers, India.

The Association of Engineers, India was set up by the Nationalist Engineers in 1919. The Association of Engineers, India celebrated its Centenary during April 2018 - April 2019. It is the oldest professional organization of engineers in India. The journal is being published since 1925. This double blind peer reviewed journal is having ISSN 0368-1106.

Volume 88 of this journal was published in 2018 when the Association crossed 100 years of its existence.

Table of Contents

Vol 89, No 3-4 (2019)

From the Desk of the Editor

From the Desk of the Editor
Santanu Das
DOI: 10.22485/jaei/2019/v89/i3-4/194804 ,  Vol 89, No 3-4 (2019), Pagination: 2-3
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From the President

President Speaks
Chittaranjan Haidar
DOI: 10.22485/jaei/2019/v89/i3-4/194805 ,  Vol 89, No 3-4 (2019), Pagination: 4-4
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Development and Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Date Palm Fibre Reinforced Polyester Composites
Chandan Mukherjee, Debashish Biswas, Ardhendu Laha, Souvik Chatterjee, Atanu Pandit, Santanu Das
DOI: 10.22485/jaei/2019/v89/i3-4/194806 ,  Vol 89, No 3-4 (2019), Pagination: 5-9
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A CFD Analysis of the Air Flow Around a Grinding Wheel
Sujit Majumdar, Ahin Banerjee, Debasish Roy, Samik Chakraborty
DOI: 10.22485/jaei/2019/v89/i3-4/194807 ,  Vol 89, No 3-4 (2019), Pagination: 10-16
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EEG Based Human Brain Controlled Robotic Vehicle
Ganesh Roy, Arijit Sen, Animesh Bhattacharyya, Subhasis Bhaumik
DOI: 10.22485/jaei/2019/v89/i3-4/194808 ,  Vol 89, No 3-4 (2019), Pagination: 17-25
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Effect of Corner Flow on Convective Heat Transfer in Inclined Cavity
Sayanta Midya, Anish Pal, Anish Pal, Aakash Gupta, Nirmalendu Biswas, Nirmalendu Biswas, Nirmal K. Manna, Aakash Gupta, Nirmal K. Manna
DOI: 10.22485/jaei/2019/v89/i3-4/194811 ,  Vol 89, No 3-4 (2019), Pagination: 26-34
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An Investigation on Deburring Performance for Drilling Burr Removal using EDM
Rajib Das, Bijoy Mandal, Santanu Das
DOI: 10.22485/jaei/2019/v89/i3-4/194812 ,  Vol 89, No 3-4 (2019), Pagination: 35-43
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Comparing Application of R-Model over Conventional ABC Analysis in a Pump Manufacturing Organization
Ankur Das, Santanu Das
DOI: 10.22485/jaei/2019/v89/i3-4/194813 ,  Vol 89, No 3-4 (2019), Pagination: 44-53
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CFD Analysis of Fish Movement in Open Channel under Laminar Flow Condition
Ayan Sarkar, Santanu Sarkar, Nripen MondaL, Md Naim Hossain
DOI: 10.22485/jaei/2019/v89/i3-4/194810 ,  Vol 89, No 3-4 (2019), Pagination: 54-63
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Finite Element Analysis of Buckling of Simply Supported Composite Plate for Different Orientation Angles
Arnab Choudhury, Samar Chandra Mondal, Susenjit Sarkar
DOI: 10.22485/jaei/2019/v89/i3-4/194809 ,  Vol 89, No 3-4 (2019), Pagination: 64-73
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