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Mohan, B.

  • Contrasts and Complexities in Ernest Hemingway's the Sun also Rises

  • Hemingway's Ethic in his the Sun also Rises

  • Symbolism and Irony in Hemingway's Novels

  • The Hero in Hemingway's Short Stories

  • Hemingway's Hero as the Isolated Individual must Struggle Desperately to Learn how to Hold on in a Hostile or Indifferent Universe in his for whom the Bell Tolls

  • Impact of World Wars on Hemingway's Works

  • Love Stories of Hemingway

  • Hemingway's Philosophy of Life

  • Theme of Loneliness in the Writings of Sherwood Anderson and Ernest Hemingway - A Comparative Study

  • Theme of Love and Sacrifice-Sydney Carton Stands as a Symbol of Sacrifice in Dicken's a Tale of Two Cities

  • 'Love is Heavenly than the Heaven' in Dante Gabriel Rossetti's the Blessed Damozel

  • Hardy's Philosophy of Life in his Tess of D'Urbervilles

  • How Sherwood Anderson Emerged as a Short Story Writer in American Literature