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Parvatham, R.

  • Prevalence of Iodine and Iron Deficiencies among Selected School Children and the Effect of Supplementation of Double Fortified Salt

  • Status of Copper, Zinc and Manganese in Antenatal and Postnatal Women

  • Physicochemical Characteristics and Acceptability of Refined Palmoil and Soyabean Oil Blends

  • Quality and Storage Stability of Crude Palm Oil and its Blends

  • Effect of Crude Palm Oil on the Levels of Human Serum Lipids, Vitamins A and E

  • Effect of Heating on Physico-Chemical Properties of Crude Palm Oil

  • The Biochemical Profile in Chronic Alcoholics before and after Antabuse Treatment

  • Biochemical Changes in Elderly Women Belonging to a Low Socio - Economic Group

  • Effect of Germination on the Levels of Pectins, Phytins and Minerals in Three Selected Legumes