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Balasasirekha, R.

  • Nutrition in Intensive Care Medicine:Beyond Physiology

  • The Vitamin a Story-Lifting the Shadow of Death

  • Freeze-Drying of Pharmaceutical and Food Products

  • Impact of Supplementing Value added Rice Bran Incorporated Ready to Eat Mixes on Diabetics and Hyperlipidemics

  • Nanotechnology Research Methods for Foods and Bioproducts

  • Food Allergy: Molecular Basis and Clinical Practice

  • Effect of Cloves and Turmeric on Hyperlipidemic Diabetics

  • Beta Carotene Retention in Selected Green Leafy Vegetables Subjected to Dehydration

  • Handbook of Functional Beverages and Human Health

  • Introducing Food Science

  • Effect of Sunlight - UV Rays on the Vitamin D Status of Girls (18 to 22 years)

  • Barasi’s Human Nutrition A Health Perspective

  • Shelf Life of Meat Using Edible Active Packaging Enriched Films

  • Innovative Food Science and Emerging Technologies