Information For Authors

The editors of The Indian Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics request the contributors to kindly adhere to the following requirements:

1. Manuscripts are required to be sent through proper channel - Head / Director of the Institution.

2. All manuscripts are accepted for publication on condition that they are contributed exclusively to The Indian Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics and have not been published previously in print or electronic medium.

3. Format of the manuscripts.

Title - Short and self explanatory

Introduction - The context of the problem with its suitable relevance and objectives in one or two sentences and description of what is expected to be found out.

Materials and Methods - Outline of the study design, subject selection, analytical methods and data analysis.

Results and Discussion - Based on data what was found, statistical significance with suitable presentation in the form of either tabular or graphic.

Summary and Conclusion - Emphasizing new and important aspects of the study or observations.

References - Numbered consecutively in the order as they appear in the text, complete and current.

Specimen References

Premakumari,S. and Deepa, K. Socio economic, nutritional and health factors influencing the cognitive development of 7-9 year old children. Ind. J. Nutr. Dietet., 2008, 45, 1-10.

Adnan Tamine �Feta and other Balkan cheeses� in: Brined cheeses, Blackwell Publishing Ltd., U.K. 2006, 43-69.

1. Content and accuracy of the manuscripts are the responsibility of the authors and manuscripts should be sent in duplicate along with a soft copy (CD).

2. Manuscripts should be to a maximum of 15 pages, typewritten in double space. Review articles should not exceed 30 typed pages (abstracts, illustrations and references are excluded).

3. Manuscripts are accepted at the discretion of the editors and reviewers on the basis of content, originality, scientific accuracy, clarity and contribution to the fields of nutrition, nutritional biochemistry, food science and dietetics. All potentially acceptable manuscripts are peer reviewed.

4. Authors must specify clearly their full name, academic degree and affiliations like position, organization, title, address, telephone / fax number and e-mail ID.

5. Accepted manuscripts will be published only after receiving the annual subscription and publishing charges totaling to Rs.2000/- from the author(s). The manuscripts which are not accepted will not be returned.

6. Contributors will receive six reprints of their publication free of charge. Additional copies can be had on payment at cost price.

7. Submission of an article does not guarantee publication