The Indian Practitioner

The Indian Practitioner

Publisher: Blockdale Media LLP, Mumbai
Editor: Rama A. Vaidya
Online ISSN: 2394-3017, Print ISSN: 0019-6169
Frequency: Monthly


The Indian Practitioner is a monthly journal dedicated to Medicine, Surgery and Public Health, which was established in 1947. The Indian Practitioner has on its editorial board highly experienced doctors in various aspects of medicine which ensure qualitative medical articles and features. The journal covers the entire spectrum of medicine and medical establishments which include private & government hospitals and clinics, private practitioners, physicians & surgeons, medical directors of pharma companies and medical institutes/universities.

Table of Contents

Vol 70, No 10 (2017)


Diabetes: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
S. Srinivasan
 Vol 70, No 10 (2017), Pagination: 7-8
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Review Article

Scope of Ayurceuticals in Integrative Antenatal Care: Challenges and Opportunities
Rama Vaidya, Madhura Kulkarni, Kalpana Dhuri-Shah, Nutan Nabar, Jayashree Joshi, Sujata Jagatap, Deepak Dave, Ashwinikumar Raut, Hemant Paradkar, Jaya Gogate, Susan Sodder, Ashok Vaidya
 Vol 70, No 10 (2017), Pagination: 11-16
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Patient Profile and Prevailing Trends of Cough Management in India: Results of the COFPRO Survey
V. Narayanan, S. Pawar, P. Rege
 Vol 70, No 10 (2017), Pagination: 17-24
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Case Report

A Case of Rheumatoid Arthritis with Eosinophilia Associated With Seroconversion
A. Rajadhyaksha, N. S. Sarate, Y. Kuntalwad
 Vol 70, No 10 (2017), Pagination: 25-26
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Doctor Profile

The Life and Times of Vivek Murthy - Youngest US Surgeon General
 Vol 70, No 10 (2017), Pagination: 29-30
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An Intern’s Experience - From the Jaws of Death
Sushrut A. Raut
 Vol 70, No 10 (2017), Pagination: 36-36
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