Software Engineering

Software Engineering

Publisher: Coimbatore Institute of Information Technology
Editor: Dr. V. Sivaraj
Online ISSN: 0974–9632, Print ISSN: 0974–9748
Frequency: Monthly


The Aim of Journal Software Engineering and Technology is the international archival journal focusing on research and experience that contributes to the improvement of software development practices. The journal's scope includes methods and techniques to better engineer software and manage its development.

The scope of the journal includes developing technologies in Software management, quality and metrics, Software processes, Software architecture, modeling, specification, design and programming Functional and non-functional software requirements Software testing and verification & validation Empirical studies of all aspects of engineering and managing software development.

Table of Contents

Vol 10, No 9 (2018)


Automation of NBA Activities for Higher Education Institutes
N. Sowparnika Shree, A. Sushma Reddy, R. T. Rohini
 Vol 10, No 9 (2018), Pagination: 173-180
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Survey Paper on Google API’s
B. C. Ullas, M. Manjusree
 Vol 10, No 9 (2018), Pagination: 181-184
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A Critical Survey on Agile Methodology
Saif Khan, B. G. Deepa
 Vol 10, No 9 (2018), Pagination: 185-190
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Code Coverage for Dynamic Memory Management & Garbage Collection in Share Market Domain
V. Balaji Vara Prasad, R. Pinaka Pani
 Vol 10, No 9 (2018), Pagination: 191-193
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Leave Management System
T. Kathiresh Kumar, R. Naveen, S. Nagammai
 Vol 10, No 9 (2018), Pagination: 194-196
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