Advances in Artificial Neural Systems

Advances in Artificial Neural Systems

Publisher: Hindawi Limited
Editor: Dr. Matt Aitkenhead
Online ISSN: 1687-7608, Print ISSN: 1687-7594
Frequency: Annual


Advances in Artificial Neural Systems is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes original research and authoritative reviews on all aspects of the engineering of artificial neural information processing based on the neural paradigm.

Table of Contents

Vol 2015 (2015)


Generalisation over Details: The Unsuitability of Supervised Backpropagation Networks for Tetris
Ian J. Lewis, Sebastian L. Beswick
 Vol 2015 (2015), Pagination: 1-8
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Stochastic Search Algorithms for Identification, Optimization, and Training of Artificial Neural Networks
Kostantin P. Nikolic
 Vol 2015 (2015), Pagination: 1-16
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Artificial Neural Network Estimation of Thermal Insulation Value of Children's School Wear in Kuwait Classroom
Khaled Al-Rashidi, Radhi Alazmi, Mubarak Alazmi
 Vol 2015 (2015), Pagination: 1-9
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Hybrid Feature Selection Based Weighted Least Squares Twin Support Vector Machine Approach for Diagnosing Breast Cancer, Hepatitis, and Diabetes
Divya Tomar, Sonali Agarwal
 Vol 2015 (2015), Pagination: 1-10
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Sensorless Direct Power Control of Induction Motor Drive Using Artificial Neural Network
Abolfazl Halvaei Niasar, Hossein Rahimi Khoei
 Vol 2015 (2015), Pagination: 1-9
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Application of Neural Network Modeling to Identify Auditory Processing Disorders in School-Age Children
Sridhar Krishnamurti
 Vol 2015 (2015), Pagination: 1-13
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Water Quality Modeling in Reservoirs Using Multivariate Linear Regression and Two Neural Network Models
Wei-Bo Chen, Wen-Cheng Liu
 Vol 2015 (2015), Pagination: 1-12
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