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American Journal of Plant Sciences

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American Journal of Plant Sciences (AJPS) is an openly accessible journal published monthly. The goal of this journal is to provide a platform for scientists and academicians all over the world to promote, share, and discuss various new issues and developments in different areas of plant sciences.

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Vol 6, No 19 (2015)


Phenotypic Characterization, Genetic Analysis and Molecular Mapping of a New Floral Organ Mutant Gene in Rice
Jing Zhang, Shuangcheng Li, Ping Li
 Vol 6, No 19 (2015), Pagination: 2973-2983
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Studies on Productivity and Performance of Spring Sugarcane Sown in Different Planting Configurations
Samiullah, Ehsanullah, Shakeel Ahmad Anjum, Mohsin Raza, Naveed Hussain, Mubashar Nadeem, Nawazish Ali
 Vol 6, No 19 (2015), Pagination: 2984-2988
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Interactions of Auxinic Compounds on Ca2+ Signaling and Root Growth in Arabidopsis thaliana
Neal D. Teaster, Jeffrey A. Sparks, Elison B. Blancaflor, Robert E. Hoagland
 Vol 6, No 19 (2015), Pagination: 2989-3000
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Optimization of Aeration Time in the Development Theaflavin-3,3'-Digallate Rich Black Teas
Samuel Kimutai, Thomas Kinyanjui, John Wanyoko, Francis Wachira, Stephen Karori, Augustine Muthiani
 Vol 6, No 19 (2015), Pagination: 3001-3012
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Sweet Potato Leaf Curl Virus: Coat Protein Gene Expression in Escherichia coli and Product Identification by Mass Spectrometry
Dina Lida Gutierrez Reynoso, Rodrigo A. Valverde, Norimoto Murai
 Vol 6, No 19 (2015), Pagination: 3013-3024
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Micronutrient Status in Soil of Central India
Khageshwar Singh Patel, Santosh Chikhlekar, Shobhana Ramteke, Bharat Lal Sahu, Nohar Singh Dahariya, Reetu Sharma
 Vol 6, No 19 (2015), Pagination: 3025-3037
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Antioxidant Activity and Phytochemical Profile of Spondias tuberosa Arruda Leaves Extracts
Amanda D. A. Uchoa, Weslley F. Oliveira, Aline P. C. Pereira, Alexandre G. Silva, Bruna M. P. C. Cordeiro, Carolina B. Malafaia, Clebia M. A. Almeida, Nicacio H. Silva, Juliana F. C. Albuquerque, Marcia V. Silva, Maria T. S. Correia
 Vol 6, No 19 (2015), Pagination: 3038-3044
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Exploitation of Concatenated Olive Plastome DNA Markers for Reliable Varietal Identification for On-Farm Genetic Resource Conservation
Muhammad Noman, Wajya Ajmal, Muhammad Ramzan Khan, Armghan Shahzad, Ghulam Muhammad Ali
 Vol 6, No 19 (2015), Pagination: 3045-3074
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Anti-Cancer Effects and Mechanisms of Capsaicin in Chili Peppers
Siwei Cao, Huoji Chen, Shijian Xiang, Junhui Hong, Lidong Weng, Hongxia Zhu, Qiang Liu
 Vol 6, No 19 (2015), Pagination: 3075-3081
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Disease Prevalence and Symptoms Caused by Alternaria tenuissima and Pestalotiopsis guepinii on Blueberry in Entre Rios and Buenos Aires, Argentina
Rocio L. Fernandez, Marta C. Rivera, Bruno Varsallona, Eduardo R. Wright
 Vol 6, No 19 (2015), Pagination: 3082-3090
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Enhancement of the Essential Amino Acid Composition of Food Crop Proteins through Biotechnology
Godson O. Osuji, Eustace Duffus, Paul Johnson, Sela Woldesenbet, Aruna Weerasooriya, Peter A. Y. Ampim, Laura Carson, Yoonsung Jung, Sanique South, Edna Idan, Dwiesha Johnson, Diadrian Clarke, Billy Lawton, Alfred Parks, Ali Fares, Alton Johnson
 Vol 6, No 19 (2015), Pagination: 3091-3108
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High Light Intensity Increases the CAM Expression in "“MD-2" Micro-propagated Pineapple Plants at the End of the Acclimatization Stage
Rene C. Rodriguez-Escriba, Romelio Rodriguez, Dariel Lopez, Gustavo Y. Lorente, Yaima Pino, Carlos E. Aragon, Yolanda Garza, Florencio E. Podesta, Justo L. Gonzalez-Olmedo
 Vol 6, No 19 (2015), Pagination: 3109-3118
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Floral Homeostasis Breakdown in Endangered Plant Valeriana jatamansi Jones (Valerianaceae) in North Eastern Himalayan Region
Soumendra Chakraborty, Dhiman Mukherjee, Sibdas Baskey
 Vol 6, No 19 (2015), Pagination: 3119-3138
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Phylogenetic Study of Acacia Species Using the Molecular Marker
Abdullah Alaklabi
 Vol 6, No 19 (2015), Pagination: 3139-3143
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Critical Nitrogen Dilution Curve in Processing Potato Cultivars
Claudia Marcela Giletto, Hernan Eduardo Echeverria
 Vol 6, No 19 (2015), Pagination: 3144-3156
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Isoenzyme Expression in Bean Seed Germination Treated with Thiamethoxam with and without Drought Stress
Arthur Blois Villela, Andreia da Silva Almeida, Cesar Ivan Suarez Castellanos, Cristiane Deuner, Vanessa Nogueira Soares, Thais Ongaratto de Camargo, Geri Eduardo Meneghello, Francisco Amaral Villela, Lilian Madruga de Tunes, Paulo Dejalma Zimmer
 Vol 6, No 19 (2015), Pagination: 3157-3163
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The Potential of Using Indigenous Pesticidal Plants for Insect Pest Control to Small Scale Farmers in Africa
Angela G. Mkindi, Kelvin M. Mtei, Karoli N. Njau, Patrick A. Ndakidemi
 Vol 6, No 19 (2015), Pagination: 3164-3174
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Conservation of Endangered Species: Androsace mathildae Levier (Primulaceae) in Central Italy
Paolo Fasciani, Loretta Pace
 Vol 6, No 19 (2015), Pagination: 3175-3186
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Three Uncommon Seaweeds of the Pacific Coast of Mexico
A. Catalina Mendoza-Gonzalez
 Vol 6, No 19 (2015), Pagination: 3187-3192
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Testing Leaf Multispectral Reflectance Data as Input into Random Forest to Differentiate Velvetleaf from Soybean
Reginald S. Fletcher
 Vol 6, No 19 (2015), Pagination: 3193-3204
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Field Application of the Mycorrhizal Fungus Rhizophagus irregularis Increases the Yield of Wheat Crop and Affects Soil Microbial Functionalities
Sanaa Wahbi, Yves Prin, Tasnime Maghraoui, Herve Sanguin, Jean Thioulouse, Khalid Oufdou, Mohamed Hafidi, Robin Duponnois
 Vol 6, No 19 (2015), Pagination: 3205-3215
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Isolation and Identification of Fungal Endophytes from Grasses along the Oregon Coast
Ruth C. Martin, James E. Dombrowski
 Vol 6, No 19 (2015), Pagination: 3216-3230
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Determination of the Genetic Structure of the Oleaginous lagenaria Siceraria of the Nangui Abrogoua University Germplasm Collection
Ahou Anique Gbotto, Kouame Kevin Koffi, Jean-Pierre Baudoin, Irie Arsene Zoro Bi
 Vol 6, No 19 (2015), Pagination: 3231-3243
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In Silico Exploration of Cannabis sativa L. Genome for Simple Sequence Repeats (SSRs)
Incoronata Galasso, Elena Ponzoni
 Vol 6, No 19 (2015), Pagination: 3244-3250
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Yield and Quality of Forage Oat (Avena sativa L.) Cultivars as Affected by Seed Inoculation with Nitrogenous Strains
Muhammad Saleem, M. Shahid Ibni Zamir, Ihtishamul Haq, M. Zahid Irshad, M. Kamran Khan, M. Asim, Qamaruz Zaman, Ihtisham Ali, Aman Khan, Saeedur Rehman
 Vol 6, No 19 (2015), Pagination: 3251-3259
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Characterization of Water Melon (Citrullus lanatus) Genotypes under High Salinity Regime
Mujahid Ali, C. M. Ayyub, Muhammad Rashid Shaheen, Rashad Waseem Khan Qadri, Imran Khan, Muhammad Azam, Naheed Akhtar
 Vol 6, No 19 (2015), Pagination: 3260-3266
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Enhancing the Salt Tolerance Potential of Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) by Exogenous Application of Salicylic Acid
C. M. Ayyub, Mujahid Ali, Muhammad Rashid Shaheen, Rashad Waseem Khan Qadri, Imran Khan, M. Muzammil Jahangir, Karim Yar Abbasi, Shagufta Kamal, Muhammad Zain
 Vol 6, No 19 (2015), Pagination: 3267-3271
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Ecological and Chemotypic Analysis for Improved Growth and Management of Naturally Occurring Black Cohosh (Actaea racemosa L.) Populations in Western Maryland
Amanda Vickers, Sunshine L. Brosi, James Howell, Bhavneet Kaur, David Puthoff, Edward Eisenstein
 Vol 6, No 19 (2015), Pagination: 3272-3281
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Effect of Nutrient Media and Kno3 on in Vitro Plant Regeneration in Saraca asoca (Roxb.) Willd
Fatima Shirin, Nitish Singh Parihar, Syed Naseer Shah
 Vol 6, No 19 (2015), Pagination: 3282-3292
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Growth and Yield Response of Soyabean (Glycine max Merr.) to Organic and Inorganic Fertilizer in Edo Rainforest of Nigeria
Ehizogie Joyce Falodun, James Osaretin Ehigiator, Sunday Aghafekokhian Ogedegbe
 Vol 6, No 19 (2015), Pagination: 3293-3297
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Design and Test of the Semi-Automatic Test-Bed with Inclined Belt of Garlic Transplanting Machine
Zhaolei Zhang, Aijun Geng, Jianning Yang, Ruxin Li, Jialin Hou
 Vol 6, No 19 (2015), Pagination: 3298-3305
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