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African Journal of Biotechnology

Publisher: Academic Journals
Editor: Dr. George Nkem Ude
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Frequency: Monthly


AJB is an open access journal. Abstracts and full texts of all articles published in the journals can be read online without any form of restriction.The African Journal of Biotechnology (AJB) is a peer reviewed journal which commenced publication in 2002. 

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Vol 15, No 13 (2016)


Possibilities of Sweet Potato [Ipomoea batatas (L.) Lam] Value Chain Upgrading as Revealed by Physico-Chemical Composition of ten Elites Landraces of Benin
A. F. Sanoussi, A. Dansi, H. Ahissou, A. Adebowale, L. O. Sanni, A. Orobiyi, M. Dansi, P. Azokpota, A. Sanni
 Vol 15, No 13 (2016), Pagination: 481-489
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Effect of Osmotic Stress on In vitro Propagation of Musa Sp. (Malbhog Variety)
Swapan Kumar Sinha, Alak Chandra Deka
 Vol 15, No 13 (2016), Pagination: 490-496
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Development of Putative Transgenic Lines of Cassava Variety H-226
Anuradha Arun, Palanisami Prabha, Krish K. Kumar, Ponnusammi Balasubramanian
 Vol 15, No 13 (2016), Pagination: 497-504
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Determining Water Content and other Impurities in Siparuna guianensis Aublet Essential Oil Using Differential Scanning Calorimetry
Augustus Caeser Franke Portella, Marilda Munaro, Chrystian de Assis Siqueira, Kleber Franke Portella, Magnolia de Mendonca Lopes, Alex Sander Rodrigues Cangussu, Raimundo Wagner de Souza Aguiar
 Vol 15, No 13 (2016), Pagination: 505-510
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Genetic Diversity and Gene Flow Revealed by Microsatellite DNA Markers in some Accessions of African Plum (Dacryodes edulis) in Cameroon
Nehemie Donfagsiteli Tchinda, Bramwel Waswa Wanjala, Alice Muchugi, Fotso, Germo Nzweundji, Denis Omokolo Ndoumou, Robert Skilton
 Vol 15, No 13 (2016), Pagination: 511-517
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Estimate of Genetic Diversity in Cassutinga (Croton heliotropiifolius) Based on Molecular Markers
Tallita de Oliveira Rocha, Janaina Silva Freitas, Elisa Susilene Lisboa dos Santos, Murilo Marques Scaldaferri, Claudine Gonçalves de Oliveira, Carlos Bernard Moreno Cerqueira-Silva
 Vol 15, No 13 (2016), Pagination: 518-523
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Antioxidant Activity, Phenolic and Flavonoid Contents of some Wild Medicinal Plants in Southeastern Algeria
Abdelkrim Khettaf, Nacera Belloula, Seloua Dridi
 Vol 15, No 13 (2016), Pagination: 524-530
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