Advances in Psychiatry

Advances in Psychiatry

Publisher: Hindawi Limited
Editor: Dr. Niruj Agrawal
Online ISSN: 2314-7768, Print ISSN: 2356-685X
Frequency: Annual


Advances in Psychiatry is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes original research
articles, review articles, and clinical studies in all areas of psychiatry.

Table of Contents

Vol 2015 (2015)

Review Article

The Psychosocial Consequences of Sports Participation for Individuals with Severe Mental Illness:A Metasynthesis Review
Andrew Soundy, Paul Freeman, Brendon Stubbs, Michel Probst, Carolyn Roskell, Davy Vancampfort
 Vol 2015 (2015), Pagination: 1-8
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Research Article

Factors in Mental Health Problems among Japanese Dialysis Patients Living in Heavily Damaged Prefectures Two Years after the Great East Japan Earthquake
Hidehiro Sugisawa, Hiroaki Sugisaki, Seiji Ohira, Toshio Shinoda, Yumiko Shimizu, Tamaki Kumagai
 Vol 2015 (2015), Pagination: 1-8
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The Effectiveness and Applicability of Compensatory Cognitive Training for Japanese Patients with Schizophrenia:A Pilot Study
Sadao Otsuka, Mie Matsui, Takatoshi Hoshino, Kayoko Miura, Yuko Higuchi, Michio Suzuki
 Vol 2015 (2015), Pagination: 1-12
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Occupational Performance and Affective Symptoms for Patients with Depression Disorder
Asa Daremo, Anette Kjellberg, Lena Haglund
 Vol 2015 (2015), Pagination: 1-6
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Valproate Prescribing in Women of Childbearing Age:An Audit of Clinical Practice
Harini Atturu, Adedeji Odelola
 Vol 2015 (2015), Pagination: 1-6
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The Dimensional Structure of the Schizotypal Personality Questionnaire Adapted for Children (SPQ-C-D):An Evaluation in the Dutch Population and a Comparison to Adult Populations
Sophie van Rijn, Pieter Kroonenberg, Tim Ziermans, Hanna Swaab
 Vol 2015 (2015), Pagination: 1-8
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